Surf The Internet Old School Way By Using Lynx For Windows

Lynx is a text based browser (old school Internet era) which is still useful for testing as well as for extremely low bandwidth consumption purposes.

An earlier article described how to download, install and use Lynx in Ubuntu / Linux Mint. Here is how to get it working in Windows as well :

Get Lynx Portable setup for Windows from here.

Once downloaded and installed, launch it. The classic welcome screen (all text) will be displayed :

Lynx for Windows

To navigate the web pages, use the Tab key (for switching between different hyperlinks) and up/down arrow keys for scrolling.

To browse a website, press the “g” key and enter the web address. To go back to the main page, use the “m” key.


Opening a website in Lynx

website displayed in Lynx

To get a detailed list of keyboard commands, press the “h” key and choose “Key-stroke Commands”. (tab key and arrow keys to switch between different hyperlinks on a webpage).

lynx help page

lynx keyboard shortcuts

 Finally, to exit Lynx, press the “q” key and when asked for confirmation, hit “y”.

In a way, using Lynx seems far less complicated and uncluttered compared to the browsers of today with their tons of add-ons and other nuances. 🙂

Happy surfing.

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