Search Quickly Using Smart Keywords In Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox has a useful feature of adding “smart keywords”. What this does is provide a shortcut to search feature that is available at different websites.

So for example, to search anything on Wikipedia, instead of going to that site and then performing a search, using a smart keyword will automatically return search results from there by simply typing in the Firefox address bar.

Here is how to add smart keywords :

Go to the site whose search results are needed and right click on the search box. Then select “Add a Keyword for this Search”. (Wikipedia for this example).

adding a smart keyword in Firefox

Next, use a relevant keyword (suppose “wiki”) and store this as a bookmark.

storing a smart keyword in Firefox

Now, to search anything from, simply type wiki and the desired keyword (e.g : wiki computer) in the address bar.

smart keyword in action

This automatically opens the relevant Wikipedia page for the provided search term.

Search results returned using smart keywords in Firefox

These kind of smart keywords can be setup for various websites and doing this saves a lot of time whenever search needs to be performed.

Simply look for the search box, right click the search field and add the smart keyword. (So, for a news website , simply add a smart keyword “news” using the same method and search for anything over there by typing “news (desired search keyword)” in the Firefox address bar.

Very useful time-saving feature in Firefox.

Happy searching.

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