How To Configure Email Sorting In provides a simple way to configure email sorting.

What this means is that emails from different senders can automatically be delivered / sorted  to different folders. For example, emails regarding latest announcements can automatically be configured to directly delivered to a folder say “Announcements”, personal messages can be sorted to a “Personal” folder  and so on.

Sorting emails therefore can provide a quick way to classify emails and look them up from their specific folders when needed.

Here is how to do this in :

Suppose an email from admin [at] ihaveapc dot com needs to be delivered directly to a folder named “Tech”. So, first a folder is created with that name by selecting “New folder” from “Folders” section in left column of inbox:

Making a new folder in

After that, go to the email message that needs to be sorted (the one from sender as admin [at] ihaveapc dot com in this example) and choose “Sweep > Move all from” :

Choosing emails for sorting in

Choose the destination folder from the drop-down (Tech in this example) :

Creating a sorting rule in

Enable the tick mark next to “Also move future messages” so that all future messages from this email address will go to the chosen folder directly and hit “Move all”. sorting in progress

After this rule is applied, the inbox will have a notification regarding the same at the bottom displaying how many messages were moved by this specific rule.


To edit these rules or make new ones for different email addresses, choose the gear icon from top right of inbox window and choose “More mail settings”.

Mail settings in

Next, choose ” Rules for sorting new messages” from “Customizing Outlook” section. rules sorting

Edit or add new sorting rules as needed.

List of sorting rules in

Simple and efficient. Sorting will result in a clean inbox as well. 🙂

Clean inbox

Happy emailing.