Take Screenshots And Create Screencasts Using Kazam In Ubuntu

Kazam is a simple screen shot and screen capture tool for Ubuntu / Linux Mint.

To install it :

Open Terminal and give the following command :

sudo apt-get install kazam

installing Kazam in Ubuntu / Linux Mint

Once installed, it will show up under the “Sound and Video” menu.

Kazam location

Using it is fairly simple, either choose “Screencast” or “Screenshot” mode. Each of these options will have the choice of selecting full screen capture, a specific area or a window.

Main interface when Kazam is launched

Besides that, choose to include the mouse pointer during captures (useful when recording screencast) and setting a time delay.

During screenshot mode, once the capture is taken, by default it will be saved in the Pictures folder. Though it can be saved anywhere as needed.

Saving screenshots in Kazam

While recording, a red dot will be visible on the menu bar instead of the default rectangle icon for Kazam indicating that the specified area is being recorded.

creating screencast video in Kazam

The screencast video file can be saved at any desired location and viewed using media players.

Saving video captures when using Kazam

This is a fairly simple and uncluttered tool for capturing screenshots and recording screen activities just like Istanbul. Do give it a try.