Quickly Upload Images And Videos To ImageShack From Ubuntu

ImageShack Uploader is a simple desktop tool for Ubuntu / Linux Mint which makes it easy to upload multiple images and videos to the popular image sharing site ImageShack.

To install it, open Terminal and type :

sudo apt-get install imageshack-uploader

installing imageshack uploader

After installation is complete, it will show up in the Applications > Other section of menu (or simply search for it from the Unity dashboard).

imageshack uploader available after installation

Using it is easy. Enter the ImageShack credentials on the main page and once logged in, choose images and videos to upload by either drag-drop feature or by browsing for them.

main user interface of imageshack uploader

Specify the image tags and visibility (whether private or public) before uploading them and finally hit the “Upload” button.

choosing images, privacy settings and image tags in imageshack uploader

uploading selected images via imageshack uploader

Once these files are uploaded, the links for them will be automatically generated and can be used for sharing as needed.

generated links for uploaded image files via imageshack uploader

If you want to confirm if these files are now available in your Imageshack account, log in from the browser as usual to ImageShack and check.

availability of uploaded files when accessed via imageshack from browser

Happy uploading.

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