Quickly Find Country Code Top Level Domains Using ccTLD Finder

Ever wondered why some website addresses are like imageshack.us? This is because the TLD (or the top level domain) in these addresses is a Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD). It makes it easy to identify the country purely based on that. ( By the way, .us is ccTLD for United States and .de is for Germany)

Every country has it’s unique ccTLD.

Example: For Germany it is .de and for Antartica it is .aq 🙂

I’ve made a simple online tool named ccTLD Finder that lists all the countries in an alphabetical sequence each with their corresponding TLD.


Follow the instructions on the page, it is easy to use and will save a lot of time if you want to find a country’s TLD.

You might be surprised how TLDs of some countries are totally different then the country name. (Switzerland for example has a TLD of .ch )

Happy ccTLD searching.

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