How To Enable Bookmarks Bar And Home Button In Google Chrome

The bookmarks bar and the home page button by default is turned off in Google Chrome.

Here is how to enable them :

  • Bookmarks bar

Click the pane on top extreme right of Google Chrome and choose Bookmarks > Show bookmarks bar. Or simply use the keyboard Ctrl+Shift + B. 🙂

Enable bookmarks bar in Google Chrome

From now on, this bar will be visible.

Bookmarks bar enabled in Google Chrome

To get a quick access to popular or frequently visited websites, simply click the star icon next to the address bar of the website to be added and choose the folder as “Bookmarks bar” and hit “Done”.

Favorited websites added and displayed on bookmarks bar in Google Chrome

  • Home page button

Next, for enabling Home button, again click the pane on extreme right top and choose Settings.

Settings in Google Chrome


Then scroll to Settings > Appearance and enable the tick next to “Show Home button”. (The bookmarks bar can be enabled from here as well but the method shown above is much quicker).

Enabling home button in Google Chrome

All done. Happy surfing.

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