How To Change Comment Display Settings For Microsoft Excel Cells

The commented cells in Excel 2010 by default will only show a marking next to them indicating that there is a comment for that specific cell. Only on hovering to that marker will a comment pop up.

Commented cells in Excel 2010

However, this can be changed so that comments are prominently visible for such cells.

To do this :

Go to File > Options.

Changing Excel 2010 settings

Next, in the Advanced column, scroll down to the right side section “For cells with comments, show:” and change the option from “Indicators only, and comments on hover” to “Comments and indicators”.

Changing comment display settings for Excel cells

All done. From now on, all the commented cells will display both of these visibly for all spreadsheets.

Comments visible after changing the display settings for Excel cells

Happy Excel-ing.

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