Computers V/s Humans

Computers v/s Humans
Humans are great teachers. 🙂 (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); [ Image courtesy : xkcd ]

How To Restore Ubuntu After Reinstalling Windows

advanced options for boot-repair tool in Ubuntu
In a dual boot system with Windows and Ubuntu , it may happen that once Windows is reinstalled, the Ubuntu loader (Grub) which gives a choice to select between Ubuntu and Windows at startup will no longer be available and the system will directly boot to Windows. This is because Windows boot loader will replace Grub and so existing Ubuntu install will no longer be accessible. To restore Ubuntu, grub...

How To Change Preferred Language For Displaying Webpages In Firefox

Webpage displayed in different language
Mozilla Firefox has an option to display webpages in various different languages if those languages are supported by the given website. What this means is that if a website supports multiple languages (like a German website  primarily displaying webpages in German language and also in English for international visitors, it can be useful to render pages like those in native language through this Firefox...

Internet Addiction : Explained

internet addiction : explained
Absolutely accurate. 🙂 [ Image courtesy : Demotivational ]

How To Install Tixati In Ubuntu / Linux Mint

The popular peer-peer file sharing program Tixati is available for Linux as well as Windows. An earlier post described how to use Tixati in Windows. To install it in Ubuntu / Linux Mint : Go to the Tixati download page for Linux and choose the appropriate .deb package (whether 32-bit or 62-bit) and start the download. Once downloaded, open Terminal and browse to the directory where this package is...

Final Exams Explained : Funny

Final exams : explained
Eerily accurate. 🙂 [ Image courtesy : Vennoid ]