Quickly Translate Webpages When Using Firefox

S3.Google Translator is a handy little add-on for Firefox that can translate blocks of text, entire webpages or specific words quickly.

Download and install it from here.

installing s3.google translator in Firefox

After it is installed, it will show up in Firefox address bar.

s3.google translator installed


When browsing a webpage, if it needs to be translated, simply select the destination language and hit the “Translate the page” globe icon. The entire translation is handled by Google Translation and is fairly accurate.

webpage to be translated using s3.google translator

trsnalated webpage by s3.google translator

Similarly, to translate a specific word, enter it in the second row text input box and hit the “Translate entered words”. The translated version will pop up at the bottom of Firefox window.

words translation using s3.google translator

Pretty easy and useful to use add-on.

Happy translating!

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