How To Move Worksheets Between Different Workbooks In Microsoft Excel

It is very simple to move or copy a worksheet from one workbook to the other in Microsoft Excel.

Suppose there are two Excel workbooks :

A.xlsx and B.xlsx

The workbook A has a single worksheet named Sales while the workbook B has a single worksheet named Support.

Workbook A containing "Sales" worksheet

Workbook B containing "Support" worksheet

Now, suppose if the “Support” worksheet needs to be completely moved from original workbook B to A.

To do this :

Make sure that the source and destination Excel workbooks both are open. Now go to the original workbook B and right click on the worksheet that needs to be copied. (“Support” in this case). Then select “Move or Copy”.

Move or copy a worksheet in Excel

There will be a dropdown list that will display the available workbooks. Choose the desired one (A in this case).

Choosing the destination workbook where the worksheet will be moved

Next, there will be an option of where to insert this worksheet after moving. It can be anywhere as needed (between other worksheets or at the end). To create a copy, enable the tick mark next to it if needed.

Choosing the worksheet position in the new workbook

The moved worksheet (“Support” in this example) will now be present in A and no longer be found in B.

Moved worksheet

All done.

Happy Excel-ing.

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