How To Setup A Slide Show For Windows 8.1 Lock Screen

Windows 8.1 comes with the feature of adding a custom set of photos that can be used as a slide show whenever the system is locked.

Here is how to set it up :

From Windows charms, choose Settings > Change PC settings.

Windows 8.1 charms

Then, select “PC and devices” from the “PC settings” column.

PC and devices settings in Windows 8.1

From the “Lock screen” option, first turn on the slider for “Play a slide show on the lock screen” and then scroll down and click on “Add a folder”.

Add a custom folder for slideshow in Windows 8.1

Browse to the custom folder and finally hit “Ok”. (There should be more then one photo in the folder for the slide show to take effect.)

Custom folder for background slideshow in Windows 8.1

Photos in custom folder for Windows 8.1 lock screen slideshow

From now on, once the system is locked, the slide show will begin and cycle through the available photos from the chosen folder.

Sit back, relax and enjoy!


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