Quickly Lookup Words From Dictionaries When Using Firefox

Normally, when coming across a new word while surfing the internet using Firefox, we highlight that specific word and search for it using any of the search engines to find it’s meaning.

There is a useful Firefox add-on that offers multiple dictionaries as reference for finding the meaning of any word so that any word or term can be looked up instantaneously. This is the Multi Dictionary Lookup add-on.

Download it from here.

multi dictionary lookup add-on for Mozilla Firefox


Once installed, restart Firefox.

Now, to get the meaning of a word, simply highlight it and right click. There will be an option of “Define” followed by the chosen word. Also a list of online dictionaries will be visible from which any can be selected to look up the word.

using multi dictionary lookup add-on

The meaning of the chosen word will be visible as a pop-up, complete with all the relevant details.

online dictionaries in multi lookup dictionary add-on

online dictionaries in multi lookup dictionary add-on

This is very useful since it saves time and also you don’t have to go to a new tab or a new Firefox window just to specifically search for a word’s meaning.


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