Introducing Slikk : A New Kind Of Search Engine

Update as of 2023: This tool is now depreciated

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Slikk for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. is the world’s first crowd-sourced search engine that allows users to save, search and share web conveniently and ultimately delivering a user specific search experience.

In a way, it allows users to build their own version of web collection which can be conveniently stored and shared. This also ensures that when different users search Slikk for stuff, the results they get are highly specific to their own interests and preferences thereby ultimately saving time.

To understand how Slikk is crowd-sourced and it’s potential, check out Slikk’s IndieGoGo Page.

Here are the main features of Slikk :

  • Slikk Search : Save and search results using Slikk Search and it does this by being twice as fast as other search engines.
  • Slikk Browse : Slikk Browse enables users to load and browse search results without ever leaving the search page. This can be very handy when browsing using a mobile device like cell phone or a tablet. When compared to other engines where clicking on a search result opens a new window and then to return back to the original search page, Slikk Browse removes this need and saves time. This is done by “open” button that is loaded next to ever search result returned and which loads the webpage right away. This is not just a preview of the results but the actual page. Pretty cool.
  • Play Videos : Search and play videos right on the Slikk search page thanks to the SlikkBrowse feature.
  • Slikk Collections : Create own webpages called Collections which is basically a collection of various search results (including images, webpages, videos). These collections are a sort of online clippings which form a group of personalized search collection.  These also form the core of something called Slikkepedia which is like Wikipedia but with multiple articles and information on various topics.
  • Collections HomePage : Quickly browse through hottest and most trending articles related to Technology, Sports, Photography and News right off the Collections homepage. There is no need to open each of them in separate tab as all of them can be accessed and viewed in full without leaving the Collections homepage.
  • Collect and share search results : Avoid wasting time by saving result or a bunch of them through Slikk Collections so that next time these appear quickly. Also, share these instantaneously to different social media networks like Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter.
  • Miscellaneous : Create as many Slikk Collections as desired, share them on different social media networks and vote on these, leave comments and much more.

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