How To Install Desklets in Linux Mint 15

Desklets are a new feature in latest Cinnamon desktop version (1.8). They are basically tiny desktop widgets that can be installed when Cinnamon desktop environment is being used in Linux Mint 15.

To install Cinnamon in Linux Mint 15, please refer to this earlier post.

Now, to install any desklet, right click on desktop and select “Add Desklets”.

Adding desklets in Linux Mint 15

Browse to the tab “Get more online” which will now display the list of available desklets. In this example, let’s install the super geeky comic desklet xkcd which will display the xkcd comic strips on desktop (geek fun is important after all 🙂 ). Select it and click “Install or update selected”.

Choosing desklets in Linux Mint 15

It will be downloaded and be available automatically now under the “Installed” tab.  Choose “Add to desktop” and that’s it.

Installing xkcd comic desklet in Linux Mint 15

xkcd comic viewer desklet in Linux Mint 15

To remove it, simply right click and choose “Remove this desklet”.

Removing desklet in Linux Mint 15

There are various other desklets, do check them out as they make the desktop pretty lively instead of the usual bland and normal stuff. 🙂

Experience the Cinnamon awesomeness!


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