A Geeky T-Shirt

A Geeky T-Shirt
You know you are a geek if you can laugh at this. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Ohms’ law at work. 🙂

How To Quickly Remove Obsolete PPAs In Ubuntu/Linux Mint

List available third party PPAs
When installing third party applications in Ubuntu / Linux Mint, one needs to specifically first add the PPAs (Personal Packaging Archives) and then install the related required applications. Now over a course of time, it may happen that these added PPAs may become obsolete or are simply no longer existent. This will cause errors when updating Linux Mint/Ubuntu systems as the updates won’t be...

Geek Optimism : Explained

geek optimism : explained
Correct. 🙂

Quickly Resize Tiles In Windows 8.1

Changed size of tile in Windows 8.1
The tiles in Windows 8.1 Start screen can be resized as large, wide medium or small as needed. Here is how to do it : Go to Start screen (by using the Windows Start button on desktop/ by the Windows key on keyboard) and right click the tile to be resized. Next, click on “Resize” option which appears at the bottom and select the tile size as needed. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle...

In An Event Of A PC Crash : Funny

In the event of a PC crash : funny
The airbag will help and prevent injuries. 🙂

How To Change Time Interval For Windows 8 Notifications

The default time interval for notifications that pop up in Windows 8 is  five seconds. This means that these notifications will be visible for five seconds. However this time period can be changed as needed. Here is how to do this : 1. Access the Settings function from Windows 8 charm bar and choose “Change PC settings”. 2.  From the “Ease of Access” column, change the value...