Quickly Test The Quality Of Internet Connection

For a stable internet connection, jitter factor should be as low as possible. Simply put, this means that the internet connection with low latency are the ones with low jitter and one with high latency have high jitter. Such high latency/jitter connections can have a significant degrading impact on many bandwidth hungry applications including VOIP programs like Skype, online gaming, multimedia streaming and so on.

In order to test if your internet connection is stable with an acceptable jitter quality or to troubleshoot network issues from your own end, go to www.pingtest.net and select a test server (ideally select the server location such that it is located far away from you to test the jitters and packets transmission/ping quality over long distances).

Running the internet connection quality test

Let the test run, once finished it will assign a quality grade to your internet connection, display stats regarding packet loss, ping and jitter and also describe whether most bandwidth hungry apps will function normally or not.

Results of internet quality test from pingtest.net


Happy testing!

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