Quickly Diagnose Network Connectivity Issues Using HyperTrace In Windows

HyperTrace is a free and easy to use graphical version of the popular command line traceroute tool and is available for Windows (tracert is the built-in command in Windows by default which can be accessed from Windows command prompt).

It can be used to quickly check for network connectivity issues between the source and destination networks and also be helpful to see parts of networks which are troublesome (as in huge packet losses or request timed out errors).

Download it from here and after installing, simply enter the website name to which a network trace needs to be done.

HyperTrace traceroute tool

The output of this trace can be copied using the “Copy” button and pasted to text file if needed for analysis. (To install and use traceroute tool in Linux Mint/Ubuntu, please refer to earlier post here. )

Happy tracing. 🙂

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