How To View CPU And Memory Usage Graphically In Ubuntu / Linux Mint

Just like Microsoft Windows has it’s default task manager that can display list of runninng services, utilization of CPU and memory as well as other system resources, Ubuntu / Linux Mint too comes with it’s own task manager. It is termed “System Monitor” and can be easily used to view how much RAM, CPU and what kind of processes are running in an easy to view graphical format.

To view it, go to Menu > System Tools > System Monitor.

System Monitor In Linux Mint/Ubuntu

Each of the four tabs (System, Processes, Resources and File Systems) will display the related info.

The System tab displays the general overall information of current Ubuntu / Linux Mint system.

System info displayed in System monitor

The Processes tab displays the list of running processes. The View  > All Processes option after selecting the Processes tab will display all of the processes as compared to the default view that only lists current logged in user owned processes.

List of processes in System Monitor

The Resources tab will list the usage of RAM, CPU and network utilization graphically.

CPU, memory and network usage info in System Monitor

The File Systems tab will display the list of mounted file systems (showing both internal disk systems as well as external ones).

List of mounted file systems in System Monitor

System Monitor is an easy to use graphical tool. For doing the same through command line, check out how htop and free -m commands can be used.

Happy monitoring.

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