Easily Download Torrents Using Deluge In Linux Mint/Ubuntu

Deluge is a lightweight GTK+ based torrent client for Linux Mint / Ubuntu and Windows as well as Mac OS X.

To install it in Linux mint / Ubuntu, open Terminal and type :

sudo apt-get install deluge

Installing Deluge in Linux Mint/Ubuntu

Once installed, open it from the “Internet” section from within the Menu.

Deluge from Linux Mint menu

To add a torrent, simply hit the “+” button or File > Add Torrent. Then, either copy the torrent url or load the downloaded torrent file.

Deluge user interface

Adding torrent files for downloading in Deluge

The entire process for downloading torrents is easy and a breeze.

Torrents being downloaded

Each of these torrents can be configured for various functions like pausing, resuming, limiting upload/download limits and so on just like found in many other torrent clients.

Options for specific torrents in Deluge

The official site for Deluge can be found here which has the latest information and downloads.

Happy torrent-ing.

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