Create Easy To Remember Task Reminders Using RemindMe In Windows 8

RemindMe is a free Windows 8 app that can be used to set reminder notifications quickly.

To install it :

1. Go to Windows Store and using the charms function, search for “RemindMe”.

RemindMe in Windows 8 Store

2. Install it.

After installation, it will show up as a tile on Windows 8 start screen.

To set new reminders, simply click the “+” button and type the name of reminder, it’s date, color and sound preferences and whether it is a recurring reminder or not. Once done, click “Save Reminder”.

Adding a reminder in RemindMe

Customize reminders in RemindMe

Setting recurrence for reminders in RemindMe


The saved reminder will now be available on Windows 8 start screen.

Created reminder in RemindMe

RemindMe reminder on Windows 8 start screen

To customize settings of RemindMe, click the “?” button and change them as desired.

Various settings for RemindMe

Happy scheduling.



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