How To Enable Gmail Style Keyboard Shortcuts In

An earlier post described how to turn on and use Gmail keyboard shortcuts. These can be a huge timesaver.

Similarly, supports the use of such keyboard shortcuts. To enable them :

1. Login to inbox and click on the gears icon, then choose “More mail settings”. mail settings

2. From the “Customizing Outlook” section, select “Keyboard shortcuts”.

Keyboard shortcuts option in

3. Select “Gmail” as the shortcut mode from the bunch of options that are listed. The default mode is but using Gmail style shortcuts is simpler and many shortcuts used in Gmail can be used from Save the changes.

Gmail style keyboard shortcuts in

4.  Now to take a look at these enabled shortcuts, press “Shift and ?”. The shortcut list will pop-up just like it does in Gmail.

Gmail style keyboard shortcuts list in

Happy emailing.

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