How Maths Evolves With Age

Usefulness of maths : explained
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How To Enable Gmail Style Keyboard Shortcuts In

Gmail style keyboard shortcuts list in
An earlier post described how to turn on and use Gmail keyboard shortcuts. These can be a huge timesaver. Similarly, supports the use of such keyboard shortcuts. To enable them : 1. Login to inbox and click on the gears icon, then choose “More mail settings”. 2. From the “Customizing Outlook” section, select “Keyboard shortcuts”. 3. Select...

Geek Disaster Management Plan

Geek disaster plan
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Maslow’s Hierarchy : Updated

Maslow's hierarchy : updated
Wi-fi yes! [ Image courtesy : Graphjam ]

How To Enable Full Screen View When Using Putty

Loading Putty session
It can be useful to have full screen SSH sessions when using Putty to manage remote systems. To do this : 1. Open Putty and select “Session” and simply load the profile of remote system which needs to be connected to. 2.Then go to Window > Behaviour. There, enable the check mark next to “Full screen on Alt-Enter”. 3. Now connect to the remote system as per the profile...

When Geeks Grow Old

When geeks grow old : funny
The geek mischief still says the same. 🙂