Types Of People : Explained

Types Of People : Explained
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How To Fix Windows Boot Error After Uninstalling Linux Mint/Ubuntu In a Dual Boot System

Once Ubuntu / Linux Mint is installed along side with Windows and then it is removed, it may happen that booting into Windows after that  may no longer be possible. The boot process may end with a grub rescue prompt and no further activity can take place. To fix this, all we need to do is once again make Windows repair the Master Boot Record (MBR). For this : 1. Use the Windows install disc or setup,...

When Engineers Fail Ethics Course : Funny

Fast track to management : Funny
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How To Remove Tabbed Gmail Inbox View

Gmail logo
The new Gmail inbox splits the inbox views in different tabs like Social, Promotions, Updates and so on. While this may be useful, it often can be bit time consuming to navigate to each of these tabs and see the messages listed under them instead of the default view. Besides that, the new inbox split view serves ads via emails (Promotions section) which may be not everyone wants to see every time they...

How To Run Android Apps On PC

BlueStacks App Player boot up
It can be a good idea to first test Android apps somewhere in a sandbox instead of installing them directly on the mobile devices like cellphones or tablets. Bluestacks is an Android emulator which is currently in beta and free to use which can run any of the available Android apps right from the PC. (Similar to what virtual machines do). There are also Bluestacks app players like bluestacks-app-player.com/pc/7-bluestacks-for-windows-7.html...

The Internet Connection Test : Funny

Why to visit google.com
Yes Google loads fine! [ Image courtesy : Graphjam ]