Life Of Mario : Funny

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Twitter Trends : Explained

The cycle repeats all over. 🙂

How To Watch Streaming Movies And Access Shared Folders From Android

Movie being streamed and played from shared network folder to Android device
Here is a simple way to access shared folders and watch movies on Android devices when these folders are available on LAN/network share : 1. Download the very useful ES File Explorer File Manager app from Google Play. It is free and awesome. 2. Next, make sure that the folders that need to be accessed are shared and available on LAN. 3. From Android device, launch ES File Explorer, go to Network >...

Facebook v/s Google + : Explained

Facebook v/s Google + : Explained
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Mother’s Day Giveaway : CollageIt Pro

CollageIt Pro collages
It has been a while since the last giveaway but here is one now. 🙂 In collaboration with PearlMountain Software, we are pleased to announce a Mother’s Day giveaway of CollageIt Pro.  5 PC based licenses of CollageItPro each worth $29.90 will be given for FREE. Features of CollageIt Pro : Quickly create beautiful collage from images of your choice. WYSIWYG  (What You See Is What You Get)...