Quickly Perform Complex Calculations Using SpeedCrunch in Linux Mint / Ubuntu

SpeedCrunch is a high precision scientific calculator for Ubuntu / Linux Mint which is easy to use and powerful too.

It is a great tool for performing scientific as well as advanced mathematical calculations and all of these functions can be directly performed using the keyboard functions that are a part of it.

To install SpeedCrunch :

1.Open Terminal and type :

sudo apt-get install speedcrunch

It will show up in Applications > Accessories once installed.

SpeedCrunch in Ubuntu/Linux Mint

The user interface is easy to work with and simple to navigate.

Main user interface of SpeedCrunch

There are a few settings that can save time like listing functions, constants and variables on right side of the panel for reference, clearing history as well as clearing expression.

Functions reference in SpeedCrunch
All of these can be accessed from the “View” menu from within SpeedCrunch or simply cycling through keyboard shortcuts from Ctrl + 1 to Ctrl + 5.

Constants, functions and variables reference list in SpeedCrunch

Rest of the settings are pretty self explanatory and generally involve changing of results format, angles format and so on.

Changing angles and results format in SpeedCrunch

Changing view settings in SpeedCrunch

Happy calculating.

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