How To Quickly Flush DNS Cache Using Mozilla Firefox

DNS cache is a record of mapping website addresses to their IP addresses so that after visiting them for the first time, subsequent look-ups become quicker as these records are stored locally.

However, after a while stale DNS cache can cause browsing issues and clearing this DNS cache can fix them quickly. DNS Cache is a simple Firefox add-on that does just that.

1. Download and install it from here.

Installing DNS cache add-on in Mozilla Firefox

2. After installing, the gears icon for this add-on will show up in the bottom right corner of Mozilla Firefox.

DNS cache add-on in Mozilla Firefox


3. Using it is simple, to clear the DNS cache, simply right click on this gear icon and select “Flush DNS cache”. To disable the add-on, select “Enable/Disable DNS cache”.

Flushing DNS cache in Mozilla Firefox

Simple and efficient.

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