Awesome Names For Common Daily Use Items

Plaque eviscerator and beard killer sounds so much better then tooth brush and shaving razor. 🙂 (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); [ Image courtesy : Graphjam ]

How To Enable Keyboard Shortcuts For Gmail

List of available Gmail keyboard shortcuts
Gmail comes with a huge list of keyboard shortcuts that can make using it quicker and cooler. To enable these keyboard shortcuts : 1. Login to Gmail account and select “Settings” from the gear icon. 2. Under the “General” section, scroll down to “Keyboard shortcuts” and choose the option of “Keyboard shortcuts on”. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle...

The Motherboard Cake

The Motherboard cake
Eating electronic chips off the motherboard was never this delicious before. 🙂

How To Quickly Flush DNS Cache Using Mozilla Firefox

Installing DNS cache add-on in Mozilla Firefox
DNS cache is a record of mapping website addresses to their IP addresses so that after visiting them for the first time, subsequent look-ups become quicker as these records are stored locally. However, after a while stale DNS cache can cause browsing issues and clearing this DNS cache can fix them quickly. DNS Cache is a simple Firefox add-on that does just that. 1. Download and install it from here. ...

Software Bugs And Happiness : Explained

Debugging and happiness
Buying a minivan from debugging money sounds nice. 🙂 [Image courtesy : Dilbert ]

Quickly Perform Complex Calculations Using SpeedCrunch in Linux Mint / Ubuntu

Functions reference in SpeedCrunch
SpeedCrunch is a high precision scientific calculator for Ubuntu / Linux Mint which is easy to use and powerful too. It is a great tool for performing scientific as well as advanced mathematical calculations and all of these functions can be directly performed using the keyboard functions that are a part of it. To install SpeedCrunch : 1.Open Terminal and type : sudo apt-get install speedcrunch It...