Two Ways To Find Out Number Of CPU Cores In Linux Mint / Ubuntu

Here are a couple of ways to find out the number of CPU cores when using Linux Mint / Ubuntu :

The graphical way :

1. Go to System > Administration > System Information.

System Information in Linux Mint/Ubuntu

2. Drill down to “Devices” and select “Processor”. The right pane shows the number of CPU cores for the given system.

No of CPU cores listed

The command line way :

1. Open Terminal and install a tool named “htop” :

sudo apt-get install htop

2. After installing, run htop by typing :


Note the first few lines. They show numbered rows along with a percentage. These numbered rows indicate the total number of CPU cores present ( 2 rows numbered 1 and 2 here meaning 2 CPU cores) along with their % utilization.

Using htop to list CPU cores

To exit htop, either hit F10 or “q”.

By the way, htop can be very useful when checking out usage of CPU cores  as well as memory when using a Ubuntu server. Linux command line as usual rocks. 🙂


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