How To Access Linux Mint / Ubuntu Shared Folders From Windows

Earlier posts described how to access shared folders from Linux Mint / Ubuntu where the shared folders were residing on Windows systems.

Now, to access shared folders that are on Linux Mint/Ubuntu from Windows, here is a simple method :

(This example shows how a Linux Mint system named “Darkstar” with local IP address  is configured to share folders and which will be accessed by a Windows system).

Setting shared folders on Linux Mint / Ubuntu system :

1. First, add the list of folders that need to be shared. To do this, in the Linux Mint/Ubuntu system, go to System > Administration > Shared Folders.

Adding folders for sharing in Linux Mint/Ubuntu

Click on the lock icon to make the changes.Enter the root password, then select the folders that need to be shared (in this example, mainly the “Data” and “Downloads” folders plus the home directory of user named “avp” ar shown). To make these folders writable , uncheck the “Read only” if desired else leave it as it is.

Shared folders list in Linux Mint/Ubuntu

2.  Next, open Terminal and as root, type the following :

smbpasswd -a avp

Adding smb user using Terminal in Linux Mint/Ubuntu

If not logged in as root, add the “sudo” parameter and do the same thing :

sudo smbpasswd -a avp

Basically this allows a user named “avp” with the given password to connect to the shared folders from Windows.

Accessing these shared folders from Windows :

From Windows system, open the “Run” box (Windows key + Run) and type either the IP address of the Linux Mint / Ubuntu system that has these shared folders or the system name (Darkstar in this case) :



\\IP address

Accessing Linux Mint/Ubuntu sharing from Windows

Once the credential box pops up, enter the name of the user that was authorized to access these shared folders from Linux Mint / Ubuntu end (“avp” in this case) so that the format looks like :  [ System name\user name] which will be DARKSTAR\avp in this case:

Entering smb credentials for accessing Linux Mint/Ubuntu shared folders from Windows

Otherwise it will show up an error of invalid username or password (if accessed directly through just username).

And we have access! All the shared Linux folders will now show up on Windows system.

Shared folders of Linux Mint/Ubuntu

List of Linux Mint/Ubuntu shared folders when accessed through Windows

Happy sharing.

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