How To Install KDE In Linux Mint/Ubuntu

The great thing about using any open source software is the flexibility to customize it. The default desktop environment that comes with Linux Mint/Ubuntu is Gnome/Cinnamon, Unity or MATE.

This can however be changed to something different like KDE. What this means is that a new desktop environment complete with it’s own set of tools and applications can be used on top of the core system (Linux Mint / Ubuntu).

To install KDE :

1. Open Terminal and type :

sudo apt-get install kde-full

This download will be a large file (about 550 MB) so allow it to download and complete the installation.

2. During the install process, go with the default choices of window manager, etc (they always can be changed later on).

3. Finally when installation is over, logout from the current session and during logging back in, choose “Session” and select “KDE”.

4, A neat new desktop will be available with different tools and it will feel like a completely new system. 🙂

KDE in Linux Mint/Ubuntu

KDE file manager

Happy installing.


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