How To Change Gmail Username

Gmail provides the option of changing the username that is displayed with the existing email address. What this means is say for a Gmail account named with the default username of XYZ, this name can be changed to any other custom name (like admin_XYZ etc) and that will be displayed along with subsequent emails. (Note that the email address itself can’t be changed, just the Gmail username that is associated with the given email address).

To do this,

1. Login to Gmail and select “Settings’ from the gear icon.

Gmail settings

2. In “Accounts and Import” section, scroll to “Send mail as” and click on “edit info”.

Accounts and import section in Gmail

3. Then choose a different username as desired and click on “Save Changes”.

Changing the existing Gmail username

4. From now on, this new username will be displayed when using Gmail.

New username with Gmail email address

Happy emailing.

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