How To Keep Track Of Network Data Usage In Ubuntu / Linux Mint

Download Monitor is a simple application for Ubuntu / Linux Mint to keep track of volume of network data downloaded and uploaded based on limits set. This can be useful when using a limited Internet plan and also to establish a baseline for various purposes (collecting data usage stats either hourly, daily or monthly).

To install it, first open Terminal and type :

sudo apt-get install download-monitor


Once installed, it will show up in the “Accessories” menu.

Download Monitor installed

By default, it has no quota assigned, setting it is done through Edit > Preferences.

Setting data usage quotas in Download Monitor

Set the amount of download and upload limits (in GB and MB) and let the application run.

Network data usage stats

Once the set quota is exceeded, the notification icon will keep flashing indicating the same. Also, the overall data usage can be quickly viewed through Download Monitor’s main window.

Download Monitor notifier

Overall data usage stats displayed by Download Monitor

Happy surfing.

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