QupZilla : A Fast And Lightweight Browser For Linux And Windows

QupZilla is a WebKit based lightweight and fast browser.

To install it, simply select the OS from it’s download page and follow the instructions :

Downloading QupZilla setup

For Windows :

The Windows version is a simple setup that is to be run once downloaded.

For Ubuntu / Linux Mint :

Open Terminal and type in the following commands :

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nowrep/qupzilla

Installing QupZilla in Linux Mint/Ubuntu


sudo apt-get update

Running the update in Linux Mint/Ubuntu

And finally, the installation :

sudo apt-get install qupzilla

Installing the QupZilla package in Linux Mint/Ubuntu

Once installed, it will show up in the “Internet” section in Linux Mint/Ubuntu (or simply search for it from the Unity interface in Ubuntu) and in All Programs >QupZilla (for Windows 7)  :

QupZilla installed in Linux Mint/Ubuntu

There are many cool things right off the box in QupZilla.One of them is the AdBlock plugin which is enabled by default (visible as a palm symbol on the bottom right of browser window). Clicking on it will allow to configure it’s settings of quickly disable it for the current site.

QupZilla AdBlock Icon

QupZilla AdBlock

The other being Click2Flash plugin which will stop Flash based content from loading automatically and allows it only when manually clicked.

QupZilla Click2Flash

Also, various preferences can be easily changed by either selecting Edit > Preferences (For Linux versions) or Tools > Preferences (for Windows version).

QupZilla preferences

Do give QupZilla a try, many of it’s features are very similar to the popular browsers available and is overall very lightweight and easy to use.

Happy surfing!

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