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If you’re a small business owner, or are familiar with IT at all, you understand how important data storage management is. With the hundreds- sometimes thousands of emails, documents and transfers happening daily, you want to make sure your data is not only stored properly, but also properly protected.

CDW’s effective data storage management solutions can transform your IT environment by providing flexibility and systematically standardizing and simplifying your data storage systems.

CDW is an Illinois, US based company founded in 1984 and is a leading provider of technology products and services for business, government and education. CDW has been delivering consulting, technology, support for more than 25 years to small and large organizations.

In today’s fast moving world, more and more is being expected out of your IT infrastructure. You need to optimize your IT infrastructure for more speed, efficiency and at the same time being cost effective.

Much of the storage that is being used is too complicated to manage. As data in an organization grows, so does the complexity and the need to manage the data efficiently. If you look closely at storage resources in an organization, you may find that the storage capacity is allocated on per server or per application basis. Some servers or applications over-utilize the allocated storage capacity while some of the servers or storage under-utilize the allocated storage capacity. Also, this leads to unnecessary duplication of data, thus wasting the storage capacity. As data grows, you have no way to decide which data is accessed frequently and which data is not. Hence, you cannot decide which data should be prioritized for quick access and which data should be archived. This leads to many performance issues. To add to all this, Studies shows that the amount of unused storage in companies may be as high as 75 %! So next time, when users demand more storage and you decide to add one more piece of hardware to your IT infrastructure, take a closer look at your storage resources.




Here’s where CDW comes in to help you with Storage Management and Virtualization. CDW assess your current storage infrastructure and helps you create and deploy a customized data storage management and data virtualization solution that is not only makes the efficient use of available storage but also reduces the overall storage requirement of the organization.

By virtualizing your storage, you can create a single pool of your storage resources such as SAN devices which may be from different storage vendors. The total available capacity in a storage pool is divided into uniform logical blocks, which are mode available via pools of virtual IPs, thus abstracting the physical architecture of the SAN devices from the servers or applications that will be using it. By enabling data deduplication in the storage pool via right software, you can ensure that the redundant blocks of data are stored only once, greately increasing efficiency and decreasing overall space used.

The SAN switches ensure that the virtual IPs serving the virtualized storage blocks are accessible to all the systems or applications at all the times via redundant paths. This increases the high availability.

On the top of this virtualized and managed storage are the blade servers that run storage management, archiving and e-discovery software. These software ensure that you spend minimum time and effort in managing your storage. The storage managent software gives you a bird’s eye view of your unified storage pool, lets you easily provision, optimize and manage storage as needed without having to worry about the physical architecture of the complex SAN. The archiving software lets you archive data that is not frequently accessed to lower cost, slower tier 2 and tier 3 storage devices which are cheaper, thus, cutting costs. You can place the frequently accessed data on tier 1 storage devices which allow fast access to the data, thus, solving the performance problems. The e-discovery software allows you to index, search and access you organizations data easily and efficiently.

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