How To Create An Email Alias In Hotmail

Hotmail has the feature of creating an email alias.

What this means is that separate email addresses can be created for a given primary email address which can be useful when managing different tasks like personal communication, official communication and so on. The benefit of creating email aliases is that primary email address no longer needs to be given out thereby reducing spam greatly and also in keeping track of related emails corresponding with the alias.

To make an email alias in Hotmail :

Login to Hotmail and go to inbox. Select the gear icon next to it and select “Create a Hotmail alias”.

Creating a Hotmail alias

Choose a specific alias (which will either be or If the alias is not in use, it will finally be accepted. Then click on “Create an alias”.

Selecting an alias id

It can be a good idea to keep all the emails related to this created alias in a separate folder  as compared to directly using the primary inbox. So select “A new folder” in the dialog box and name it something appropriate.

Setting up folder for email alias

The folder is now created and will now serve as an inbox for all email communications related to this email alias.

Active email alias

This makes managing emails easy and streamlined.

Happy emailing.

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