How To Remove “Cannot Open The Clipboard” Error In Excel 2010

While copying and pasting items in 2010 Excel, it can be annoying to receive the error message “Cannot open the clipboard”.

Excel 2010 clipboard error

To fix this, there are couple of simple ways.

First way :

If any remote desktop application is in use (like VNC, Microsoft Remote Desktop and others), close them and make sure that the associated processes aren’t present. (rdpclip.exe for the default remote desktop use in Windows). Check this by right clicking on taskbar > Start Task Manager > Processes. Then select that process and choose “End Process”.

Windows task manager

Second way :

Simply close Excel and restart it. If there are other Microsoft Office applications open, save and close them as well, then open them.

Hopefully, there will be a hotfix for this soon.


  1. Natalie says:

    Clipboard is the application of the Microsoft windows..That allow you to copy paste some information if the clipboard message will to error it will occur to your Microsoft Excel..