How To Block Or Allow Website Specific Cookies In Google Chrome

Google Chrome allows the option of setting up a custom policy for storing cookies and site data depending on websites visited.

What this means is that it is possible to allow cookies and data for one site while blocking them or clearing them on closing Chrome when other sites are visited.

To do this :

1. Click on the wrench icon and select “Settings”.

Accessing Google Chrome settings

2. Click on “Show advanced settings” at the bottom.

Advanced settings in Chrome

3. Select “Content settings” from the “Privacy” section.

Content settings in Chrome

4. Choose “Manage exceptions” for Cookies.

Customizing content settings in Chrome

5. Enter the website addresses and the associated behavior (whether allowing cookies to be stored, removing them when browser is closed or blocking them totally) and add websites as desired. Also wildcards can be used for specifying the entire domain included (like * so that all sub-domains within that like, etc are automatically included).

Adding websites to cookies and content exceptions list

All done.

Happy browsing.

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