Quickly Measure Time For Windows To Load Using BootRacer

BootRacer is a freeware that measures the time taken for Windows to boot up and load desktop fully. This can be useful when troubleshooting or even for diagnosing system bottlenecks.

Download it from here.

Once installed, there are few options that may need to be changed depending on preference.

BootRacer start options

BootRacer display options

BootRacer event log options

These options mainly include how bootracer will be displayed, whether it is to be enabled for every reboot or just once and also how it will write to the system log.

After configuring, save the changes and restart the Windows system for the measurement to begin by clicking on “Start” button of Bootracer.

BootRacer interface

BootRacer dialog box

Once booted up and logged in, Bootracer will display useful statistics like time taken to display desktop, time taken for full login and so on.

BootRacer display

BootRacer results

Running this app say weekly or at a set frequency can help in comparing these and checking if performance of the Windows machine has degraded or improved over a period of time.

Happy booting.

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