How To Locate Area Codes, Time Zones And Internet Suffixes Using Quick Info

Quick Info is a tiny but powerful Windows freeware that can look up information regarding country codes, area codes, time zones and internet suffixes.

Download it from here. Run the setup as administrator and let the installation complete.

The initial pop up screen consists of choices like Area codes, International time zones/dialing codes and Internet www suffixes.

Quick Info main screen

The area code look up is for U.S states but information regarding international dialing codes are for most other countries.

Area codes displayed by Quick Info

The other useful feature is knowing the time in different parts of the world. Quick Info lists the countries alphabetically for this in the “International time zones/dialing codes” lookup.

Time zone info

This comes in handy when dialing an international number is required, simply click on “Help” button shown to get the dialing info :

Quick Info dialing help

Finally, the internet suffix feature will display the suffix for websites for each country. Example : indicates that the internet suffix is Indian, is for Singapore, is for UK and so on. Also it will list the top-level domains like .mil, .net and so on.

Internet suffixes for different countries

Pretty useful app and can’t beat the price – free. 🙂

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