DNSEver : A Free DNS Management Service For Domains

Most web hosts provide their own nameservers and DNS  management interface but often for low end VPS boxes, this isn’t the case.

Suppose you want to make a test website or try out a new web technology using a low cost VPS and buy a domain name to host the test setup but what if the VPS provider doesn’t offer their own nameservers to use or offer DNS manager for making your domain’s DNS records ?

Fortunately there are many free DNS services that can be used for your own website. DNSEver is one of them and we find it useful.

DNSEver home page

It offers free sign-up and use of their DNS infrastructure which means that you can create your domain’s DNS records (like A,PTR etc) directly through them.

DNS manager in DNSEver

Using it is simple and the interface is easy to navigate as well as understand. It offers support for unlimited number of domains and is free which is pretty cool.

DNS records in DNSEver

Happy hosting.



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