Easily View And Manage Processes In Linux Mint / Ubuntu Using htop

It is important to know which processes are running on Linux Mint/ Ubuntu systems and how to manage them.

A good utility for managing and viewing processes in Linux Mint/Ubuntu is htop.

Install it by issuing the following command at Teminal :

sudo apt-get install htop

After installing, simply run it by typing htop.

Process list using htop in Linux Mint / Ubuntu

It will display a systematic and structured view of all the processes that are running in Linux Mint / Ubuntu system along with other options like killing a specific process, finding any given process and also displaying the average load on the system along with it’s uptime plus cpu and memory usage.

All of these various functions can be done using the keyboard shortcut keys displayed at the bottom of htop (like using F3 to search for a specific process, F5 to view a tree structure of processes and so on). To exit htop, hit F10 or ‘q’.

This is a very useful and easy to use tool for Linux server administration and equally useful for troubleshooting and monitoring Linux desktop processes.