How To Swap Left And Right Click Mouse Functions In Windows

By default, left click in Windows is used for normal functions while right click is for opening Properties window and other options.

Here is how to swap the functions that left click and right click perform in Windows :

1. Right click on any blank space in desktop and select “Personalization”. (Alternatively, access Control Panel and select the same).

Personalization settings in Windows 7

2. Select “Change mouse pointers”.

Mouse settings in Windows

3. Select “Buttons” tab and enable the tick mark next to ” Switch primary and secondary buttons”. Select “Ok” when done.

Swapping mouse buttons in Windows

From now on, the tasks of right click like selecting “Properties” will be done by left click while tasks like selecting and dragging items and other main tasks will be done by right click.

This can also be a funny geeky prank. 😉

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