How To Install XAMPP On Windows

The popular XAMPP package which contains built-in services for running a web server (Apache, MySQL, PHP) can be great for testing on local systems before actually doing anything on live websites.

An earlier post explained how to get XAMPP running on Linux Mint/Ubuntu.

Here is how to install it on Windows :

1. Download the XAMPP setup from here.

2. Run the setup and make sure to install in drive root (“C:\xampp”) instead of say “C:\Program Files”.

Installing XAMPP in drive root for Windows

3. Follow the on-screen instructions, on Options screen, select “Install Apache as service” and “Install MySQL as service”. Other services can also be installed but these two are the essential ones.

Selecting services to install in XAMPP

4. Let the services be automatically configured and wait for the installation to complete.

Automatic configuration of XAMPP services

XAMPP installation complete

5. Once installed, the XAMPP control panel will open and display which services are running. Make sure that Apache and MySQL are running for the web server to be functional.

XAMPP control panel for Windows

6. To test if the web server is up, open any browser and type :


7. This should display the XAMPP screen, select the language of your choice and check out the various options available.

XAMPP page on local web server


Enjoy your own web server on Windows. 🙂

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