Quickly Zip And Unzip Files Using Linux Mint/Ubuntu Terminal

Here is how to quickly zip and unzip files using Linux Mint/Ubuntu terminal :

1. Install zip and unzip if not present by typing :

sudo apt-get install zip

sudo apt-get install unzip

2. Once installed, to compress files or folders in .zip format, type :

zip nameoftargetziparchive *


This will put all the files from current directory into the archive named docs as specified and saved as docs.zip.

To compress only a single specific file from current directory :

zip nameofarchive filetobecompressed

Compress specific files into zip format

2. To unzip the files into a target directory :

unzip nameofarchive -d pathwheretoextract

Note that specifying just name of archive will unzip it’s contents into the current directory.

To quickly list what files are present in the zip archive :

unzip -l nameofarchive

To find out other cool features, as always use man command :

man zip

man unzip

Happy compressing!

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