Quickly Generate Random Strong Passwords Using Linux Mint/Ubuntu Terminal

Generating really good strong passwords can often be difficult to do consistently for different websites. The handy utility called “pwgen” in Linux Mint/Ubuntu makes this process very easy.

1. Open Terminal and type :

sudo apt-get install pwgen

Installing pwgen from Terminal

2. Once installed, to start generating random passwords, simply type pwgen and select any of the passwords that are displayed.

Generating passwords using pwgen

3. To really generate strong random passwords, use the -s option :

pwgen -s

List of strong random passwords using pwgen

Finally, there are other options too that can be tried out like generating only numerical/non-numerical passwords, havinging at least a capital letter or a wild card character and so on. Make sure to check out the syntax for those using the man page for pwgen by typing :

man pwgen


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