Quickly Create Disc Images Using Daemon Tools Lite

The popular CD/DVD emulation application Daemon Tools Lite comes with a handy feature of creating disc images.

Here is how to create a CD/DVD image using it in Windows :

1. Right click on the Daemon Tools Lite icon in the task bar and select ” Make Disc Image”.

Daemon Tools Lite options

2. Select the DVD or CD source and the destination where the disc image will be created.

Various settings before making a disc image using Daemon Tools Lite

3. Hit “Start” for the process to begin and let it complete.

Creating disc images using Daemon Tools Lite

All done.

By the way, this is useful in making disc images of CD’s and DVD’s that contain device drivers for various peripherals. Simply create the disc images and store them on an external drive. When needed for the device to be reinstalled, mount these images using Daemon Tools Lite.



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