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Free Giveaway : Picture Collage Maker Pro

In collaboration with Picture Collage Software, we are pleased to launch a giveaway of Picture Collage Maker Pro worth $39.90 for FREE. This software makes it easy to generate digital scrapbooks, picture collages and customize them using easy to use options available. Download the 15 day trial from here. Note : The giveaway starts today 31st March 2012 and ends on 6th April 2012. Some key features...

The Next Best Thing After iPad : Funny

Funny geeky pics
iToilet – It comes with a built-in iPod. 🙂 (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); [ Image courtesy : iFake ]

How To Quickly Scan Websites For Malware Infections

Sucuri site scanner
With most applications being hosted online, it is no surprise that malware/virus infections affect websites too just like local PCs. Here is a cool and free online tool that can check any website for malware infections and display detailed results : 1. Go to Sucuri SiteCheck and enter the name of the website that needs to be scanned. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); 2....

The Geeky Way Of Asking For A Pay Raise

Asking for a raise - funny
This is unique as well as hilarious. 🙂 [Image courtesy : Dilbert ]

Quickly Create And Delete Directories Using Windows Command Prompt

Create directory in Windows using command prompt
At times, it can be quicker to make and remove directories directly from the Windows command prompt. Here is how to do it : 1. Open Windows command prompt and to create a directory (named “testing” in this example), type : mkdir testing 2. Check it out by changing to this newly created directory : cd testing 3. To remove this empty directory, simply type : rd testing If the directory contains...