How To View Favorite Pictures As A Slideshow Using Windows Sidebar

Windows sidebar can display a cool slideshow of selected pictures if configured to do so. This is because of the “Slide Show” gadget which comes with it by default.

To enable this in Vista / Windows 7:

1. Open Windows sidebar in Vista(All Programs > Accessories > Windows Sidebar). For Windows 7, search for sidebar in search box after clicking the Windows orb and select “Add gadgets to the desktop”.

Selecting Windows sidebar

2. Choose “Slide Show” gadget by double clicking.

Slide Show gadget for Windows sidebar

3. This will display the gadget on desktop. Right click on it and select “Options”. Then specify which pictures should be used in the slide show by specifying the folder path. Also select other options like time between each picture and effects if required from various effects in “Transition between pictures”.

Options for Slide Show gadget

Various settings for Slide Show gadget

4. Click Ok when done.

From now on, enjoy the slideshow of pictures you like and make your desktop look cool. 🙂

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