How To View ePub Books In Firefox

ePub is an open e-book standard that many e-books now offer. These e-books have the extension .epub and can’t be normally read by standard readers.

EPUBReader is a cool Firefox add-on that makes it simple to access and read such e-books regardless of type of operating system used. Download and install it from here.

Download and install EPUBReader Firefox add-on

Once installed, either drag and drop the ePub book in Firefox if it is stored locally or alternatively type the local path where it is stored. If viewing online, simply click the link where the ebook is stored.

Opening epub files in Firefox

After a bit of processing, the ePub file will open and can be read.

Epub file in Firefox

Besides this, there is an additional option of “ePub-Catalog” which lists the epub books read for quick reference and save a copy if possible. Select that by either clicking Tools > ePub-Catalog or the brown book icon at top right in Firefox.

Epub-catalog to manage epub files

Pretty useful add-on overall.

Happy reading.

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